Tohti, Uighur Chinese intellectual in monitoring

lham Tohti, at his home in Beijing on February 4 New Delhi, India weather forecast. It shows how police officers arrested him at the airport before his departure for the United States, where he was teaching a year.

Meet Tohti must improvise it is gathered without warning outside his home on a Friday afternoon, and he takes us for a walk once in Purple Bamboo Park, within walking distance of the Central University for Nationalities in Northern west of Beijing, where houses and teaches the Uighur researcher soon 44 years Toshiba Satellite C75-A-100.Follows a walking interview half past one, where we avoid to stay in range of target agents of the state security more info.Ilham Tohti not hiding, but he wants to preserve the tranquility of his home and that of traders frightened by his cohort neighborhood wardens.

Mr HP Envy 27 TouchSmart Recline.Tohti is to date the only Uighur intellectual to be influential and to speak from inside China on the plight of Uighurs in Xinjiang, the people of 10 million Turkic Muslim that the communist regime has imprisoned a yoke of repressive measures under the pretext of “separatism, extremism and fundamentalism” HTC Sensation user manual Greek Εγχειρίδιο χρήσης στα Ελληνικά.”Using violence and uncivilized means also to a group ] is the push to madness ” , Has it recently launched its supervisors, asking them to report his words to their superiors.


Tohti is also the creator of (“Uighur Online” in Chinese), information on the website Xinjiang Mandarin and Uighur.Blocked in China since the events of July 2009 in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang (200 dead after riots), the site is read and influential at a time when the autonomous region is booming.If he avoids contact with the Uighur exile organizations – they would accuse him of colluding with “separatist forces” – Mr.Tohti is supported by many Chinese intellectuals and liberal activists such as artist Ai Weiwei or writer Wang Lixiong.

However, the researcher is a virtual prisoner, the police detained in February in Beijing airport as he left teaching a year in the United States at the invitation of the University of Indiana.All his papers were in order, however.We sent him home after a grueling custody.

Since the inauguration in March of the new leadership in Beijing, eight agents spying on round the clock and hold regularly stuck with him.Tohti not know whether to laugh or cry this constant harassment.”My 7 year old son was even afraid to show his ass when he takes a bath because of hidden cameras” , he says with a smile.Sometimes, the Chinese Leviathan has quirks: in March 2012, Beijing police wanted Mr.Tohti away from the capital and sent to Urumqi.But the local police refused to receive and both administrations clashed.When she was asked to go to another province, he declined – which cost, in retaliation, the first year of primary school to the eldest of his sons.

The pragmatism of the diehard Chinese party-state allows him to grip a mesh constraints that hinder those without any legal basis.The whereabouts of Mr.Tohti in Xinjiang in recent years made ​​under escort to Atush his hometown, local authorities intimately in the neighborhood not to meet.Still, “they were sufficiently numerous to he welcomes to brave fear to talk to me ” .

Its role as a teacher is reduced to a single geography course of two hours on Friday, at the precise hour of prayer, he sometimes breaks down the denial of the autonomy of Xinjiang, yet enshrined in the Chinese Constitution (the ‘Nationalities University offers a program related to ethnic minorities).Uighur students flock there, and he always found a secret translate speeches and post them on social networks.

Nothing outrageous than the injustices and humiliations directed against students who volunteer to work of them were arrested at the airport in Beijing, in July and September, when they went to Turkey for their studies.The first Mutellip Imin, 24, was released on 1 st October after 79 days in secret revealed that the police had forced him to write false confessions that he had “attacked the religious policies of the country under the influence of Tohti” .


With its past provided conscientious objector, Tohti knows he can be stopped at any time.At 17, in 1985, he showed against the Chinese nuclear tests in Urumqi and Tiananmen Square in Beijing with other Uighur students.In the 1990s, he held exhibitions of writers and organizations with students investigations in Xinjiang.

The trouble, he said, began in 1995.In the sights of state security, intellectual changed its name to protect his family Atush.His classes will be suspended for ten years.He took the opportunity to present his thesis colonization of the interior suffered the Xinjiang Autonomous Region and organized plundering of its resources.The university condemns a “bad policy orientation” . was born in the early 2000s: this new tool, he believes, will allow him to break the monopoly of information and “contribute to a better understanding” between Han Chinese (ethnic Chinese majority) and Uighur.Ten years later, everything was done to silence this voice has always advocated moderation.Chinese policy in Xinjiang, it is deadlocked.图像



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